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SenseFi is a new multifunctional ingredient offered to the food industry. It enables formulation of food products with reduced calorie content without compromising mouth feel, texture or taste.

SenseFi gives consumers the choice to choose healthy and indulgent products.

· Carrageenan Replacement
· Smooth Creamy Mouthfeel
· Clean Flavor Profile

· Smooth Creamy Mouthfeel
· Improved Cling
· Significant Improvement in Quality

· Smooth Creamy Mouthfeel
· Indulgent Texture
· Premium Low Fat Products
Premium Quality without the Calories


SenseFi is a multifunctional dietary fiber delivering stabilisation, thickening and texture effects to food applications without sacrificing key attributes of the final product such as flavor and color. It works well as a fat replacer and adds dietary fiber to the composition. SenseFi is made with natural and sustainable raw materials, is non GMO, suitable for vegetarians and kosher certified. SenseFi remains functional in extreme food environments such as low and high pH (2.5-10) and high temperature, which makes it a very robust stabiliser for the food industry.

Product Characteristics

  • Delivers a smooth creamy mouthfeel
  • Remains functional at a wide range of pHs, temperatures, shear force and sugar and salt contents
  • Clean, bland flavour
  • Very high water holding capacity
  • Thickening, stabilising and suspending


  • Meets Kosher requirements

Suggested Labelling

The recommended declaration for SenseFi is powdered cellulose. The product uses CMC (Carboxy Methyl Cellulose) as a processing aid.

Prehydration & Dispersion

SenseFi is a highly functional ingredient and needs correct hydration to deliver optimum results. SenseFi can be hydrated using a high shear mixer. Common process equipment, such as high speed disk mixers, low pressure impact homogenisers or rotor/stator mixers typically provide sufficient dispersive forces. Hydration time is a function of intensity and volume.

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