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Nu-Mega Driphorm® powders utilize CSIRO’s MicroMax technology under exclusive licence to microencapsulate nutritional oils. The patented technology allows up to a 60% oil payload with superior odor and taste masking. This technology can deliver up to 38% DHA + EPA.

· Tuna, Fish, Algal & Fungal Oils
· Protection Against Oxidation
· Superior Sensory Stability

Nutrition Bars
· Driphorm®  D-60
· 300 mg DHA + EPA per serving
· Excellent texture and flavor stability over shelf life

RTM Protein Powders
· Driphorm® D-60
· 300 mg of DHA + EPA per serving
· Driphorm powders are shelf stable at ambient temperatures
Nu-Mega – Benefits of DHA
DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) is a long chain Omega-3 fatty acid predominantly found in oily fish and algal oil. Studies show that it plays a vital role in:
Pregnant Mothers

Visual development and brain growth of unborn babies Increasing parent-rated sleep and reducing the risk of skin & respiratory allergic diseases


Brain development and cognitive functioning Developmental and maintenance role in visual acuity


Reduced heart rate and O2 demand during exercise Reduced muscle soreness, faster exercise recovery, improved cognitive function


Helps manage heart and brain disorders in elderly population Studies on the brain and heart for elderly people have also shown that an increase in Omega-3 fatty acids can have a positive effect on memory functions and cardiovascular health

Nu-Mega Driphorm® HA Hypoallergenic
Driphorm® HA utilises a patented carbohydrate technology that delivers the stability of microencapsulation without the dairy allergen. This makes it ideal for hypoallergenic infant formula products as well as allergen free food applications. This delivery technology can also make microencapsulated powders suitable for Vegan products.
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