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The fruit of the Tamarind tree is a popular ingredient in soft drinks, jams, desserts, curry, sweets etc in many countries such as Mexico and India. Tamarind seed gum is purified from the seeds of the fruit and has been used in food applications in Japan under the Glyloid® brand for 50 years.

 Dressings & Sauces
· PGA Replacement · Improved Mouthfeel · Improved Pour and Cling

Frozen Desserts
· Improved Shape Retention · Finer Ice Crystals · Mono-Di Replacement

· Improved Mouthfeel · Bitterness Masking · Stability
The addition of Glyloid® significantly improves the mouthfeel and flavor perception of many food products.
Glyloid is unique in its ability to deliver a ‘melt in the mouth’ sensory experience in food products. This gives a better dispersion in the mouth and delivers improved flavor perception.
* A new highly functional hydrocolloid for the US Food Market
* Produced from the Tamarind Seeds
* 50 year track record in Japan

Clean Label Emulsification

  • Replaces PGA
  • Replaces Polysorbates
  • Excellent Stability
  • Improved Mouthfeel
  • Cost effective
French, Blue Cheese, Creamy Dressings


  • Water retentivity
  • Freeze-thaw stability
  • Gelling with alcohol
  • Gelling in combination with sugar
Pudding, Jelly

Ice Crystal Stabilizing

  • Excellent shape retention and very fine ice crystals
  • Low viscosity stabilization
  • Allows removal of mono- & diglycerides
Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Popsicles

Starch Protection

  • Modification of texture
  • Improvement in heat stability and shear stress inhibition
  • Inhibition of retrogradation
Noodles, Flour, Paste, Tortillas, Bakery

Impact of Glyloid® addition to reduced fat mayonnaise
As a demonstration we simply added 0.1% Glyloid on top of existing reduced fat mayonnaise products. These samples were assessed by an expert sensory group. In each case there was an improvement in sensory properties.
a. Rate of dispersion in the mouth b. Melt in the mouth c. Dissolve d. Residual mouthcoat
* Information is believed to be accurate and is offered in good faith. However, we cannot assume any guarantee against patent infringement, liabilities or risk involved from the use of this information.
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